Local School Governance Team

The Omega Elementary Local School Governance Team is comprised of the principal, two teachers, two parents,and two business leaders who are parents. The Council meets periodically throughout the school term to discuss school issues and provide input on various school functions. All Council meeting dates will be published in the Tifton Gazette, Omega’s website, school calendar and a copy of meeting dates can be picked up from the principal’s office.


Our current LSGT members are : 

Jim Byers - chairperson
Erin Young - parent member
Valarie Farmer - parent member
Robin Lasseter - certified staff member
Stephanie Martinez - business member
Tammy Slaven - certified staff member
Pam Thompson - business member
Jessica Kennedy - non-certified staff member


20-21 LSGT 
2019-2020 LSGT
 2018-2019 LSGT
2017-2018 LSGT