English Language Learners

Tift County ESOL Mission Statement

  • Tift County strives to meet the needs of ELL students by providing:

  • Support to students most in need of assistance, with the youngest students as the lowest priority with the understanding that they are placed in language/literature rich environments

  • Professional learning for classroom teachers

  • ESOL programs in schools where the greatest needs are identified

  • Resources and materials to support students in various subject areas

  • Life skills and survival skills

  • Instruction that meets the individual needs of the ELL student

 Tift County Goal for ELL students

To give students the skills they need to function and reach their own potential as members of an English speaking society. Parent involvement and opportunities for parents to learn are encouraged. Whenever possible, notes and messages are sent home in the parents’ native language.

ESOL Program Description

The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is offered to all English Language Learners who meet the testing eligibility criteria. This program aids in the success of a limited English proficient student in an English-speaking classroom. Our goal is to have students succeed in all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) both socially and academically. We also want them to understand and function successfully in our American culture. Immersion in an English-speaking environment with guidance from the ESOL teacher and accommodations provided by all other school personnel will produce the results necessary.

Who is an English Language Learner (ELL)?An ELL is one whose native/first/dominant language is not English, and who is eligible for services in accordance with Rule 160-4-5.02 Language Assistance: Programs for English Language Learners (ELL).

Identification of ELL students:A three question Home Language Survey is completed on every student when initially registering in the district to determine if there is the influence of a language other than English. This survey will identify any languages other than English that are:

  • First learned or acquired by the student.

  • Used by the student in the home.

  • Used by student outside of school.

The Home Language Survey is given to the ESOL staff personnel. If the student has a language other than English noted on his Home Language Survey, an assessment will be given to determine his or her eligibility for the program. An assessment will also determine if the child can exit the program.


Dr. Michael Slaven

Director of Federal Programs

Phone: (229) 387-2400

Email: mslaven@tiftschools.com