Omega School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meets during the school day once a month. All parents are encouraged to join. Our school’s PTO goals include:

  •       Creating and maintaining a better understanding of the learning process through communication between faculty, staff, and parents.

  •       Continually meeting the needs of our students by supporting communication between families and the school.

  •       Support the school by offering financial assistance as well as volunteering time and resources.

 Volunteering Opportunities at Omega Elementary

We know that we could not run our school as efficiently as we do without the continued support of our students’ families. We encourage you to participate in your child’s education by volunteering at our school. When students see their families and their school working together, they begin to understand that their families value education and its importance. Below are a few suggestions on ways that you could volunteer in our school.

Box Tops- Collect, count, sort, and help send in Box Tops for Education.

Book Fair- Assist the Media Center with the week long book fair in the fall and in the spring.

Chaperone Student Activities- Volunteer to help chaperone school activities such as field trips or other special events.

Pride Program- Help staff with creating or gathering awards/certificates every nine weeks for the Pride Program.

Media Center- Help provide clerical work in the Media Center.

Yearbook- Help with the production of the yearbook and by promoting sales of the yearbook.

School Supplies- Donate school supplies continuously throughout the school year.

Fundraisers- Help support the school’s annual fundraisers by promoting them.

Hospitality- Help provide refreshments and other baked goods for staff appreciation activities or other school functions.

 To join the PTO or to serve as a Parent Volunteer, please contact  

Omega Elementary

Email: or

Phone: 229-387-2418

For a list of upcoming activities and events, visit our school’s website and Facebook page at